An Honest House: A Memoir by Cynthia Reyes

Originally posted on Diane Taylor:
An Honest House is a rich memoir that moves through a ten-year period of Cynthia Reyes’s life. In the midst of a successful career, family life with children blooming, she and her husband move to an old farmhouse surrounded by gardens they love. It’s just north of Toronto. Against this…

Celebrating Courage, Creativity and Grit.

One of the most satisfying aspects of blogging is accompanying (and hopefully supporting) fellow bloggers as they discover, pursue, and, eventually, achieve their dreams. As writer, architect, traveller, and dreamer, Virginia Duran, explains in this video clip,  achieving dreams requires  persistence, strength, skill, creativity, and a great team of supporters. To her list I would […]

From my desk ~ Chelonian Tales with a Difference

This is a post about two chelonians ~ Torty and Myrtle. Torty is brown; Myrtle is purple. Torty is a real chelonian.  Myrtle is an imaginary one. Though time and reality and colour separate Torty and Myrtle, both are bound by the restorative  powers of compassion, kindness, and caring friendship. Torty is New Zealand’s oldest […]

All Good Gifts ~ a balance sheet

Still in the spirit of keeping track of myself ~ ALL GOOD GIFTS  ( Incomings): from Cynthia, author of A Good Home, a dedicated post, accompanied by flowers; from Clare, at  A Suffolk Lane, an introduction to the lovely tradition of the Blessing of the Plough on Plough Sunday, and a reminder of the wonderful […]

Finishing what I started

Practising growing younger, as per my previous  post , seems to have made me more forgetful, not less, for, until I read  Sheri’s latest post, I had  forgotten I had yet to complete my contribution to the Writing Travel Blog. Sheri invited me to participate way back in June!  I made a good  start. Now […]

A salad mix from Gallivanta’s Herb Garden

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, and, because she asked for it, rocket, for Cynthia. This rampant rocket planted, perchance, by the light of the moon and a solar-powered torch, some seasons ago has taken off, all over my garden. It’s my most successful crop ever. Grows better than any of my weeds. Now, to add […]

Speechless, almost

This morning there were two emails in my Inbox which left me speechless, (almost).  The first one left me speechless with sorrow at the darkness in people’s lives;  the second left me speechless with joy (and  tears). It reaffirmed my faith in the goodness that resides in our hearts. It reminded me that we do […]

It’s a fortunate day when you come to a good home

  Nau mai, haere mai ki te whare o Silkannthreades!  Welcome, welcome to the home of Silkannthreades, in the South Island of Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand . ~ When the early pioneers arrived in my part of the South Island*, they saw a landscape similar to this,  which had […]