Lighting the way to the winter solstice

Apologies, good people, but I must interrupt my tales of the medlar to update you on my beautiful, blossom-ful,  ornamental cherry tree, the prunus autumnalis.  This lovely tree has the delightful habit of producing blossom twice a year; in spring and in autumn/early winter. About 3 weeks ago, it was just beginning its late autumn blossoming and I showed you these photos of it in my post Two Seasons in One Tree

Since early May we have had many days of rain, and few of sunshine.  I haven’t paid much attention to the cherry tree. I have been fixated on the dreary rain and equally dreary skies. So, imagine, my little bounces of joy, when, this morning, I awoke to bright sunshine, a blue sky and the apparition of my prunus autumnalis shimmering all over with delicate, pale pink blossom.  And it wasn’t simply the shimmering that made me joyful. The tree was a-twitter of tiny wax-eyes. These little birds, freshly arrived, in my garden, herald the time of colder days. Much as I dislike the colder days, I  welcome the winter appearance of  these busy, extroverted conversationalists.

I went out to the garden to take some photos and, of course, the birds flew away, but, in the absence of their chatter, I was able to hear the dense, humming chorus of the bees and bumblebees. On closer inspection, it seemed to me that the shimmering of the flowers was not so much from the light, dancing  on the petals, but the movement of the bees amongst the blossom. How glorious.

And, how lucky am I to have this loveliness on my doorstep. It’s a sweet gift from Nature to lift my spirits as we head rapidly to the darkest day of the year; the winter solstice.Prunus Autumnalis © silkannthreades

52 thoughts on “Lighting the way to the winter solstice

  1. Sofia

    Oh, they are so beautiful! Great angles. You can’t see to many cherryblossom trees (or pics..) I hope you don’t will have too much rain from now on.

  2. Forest So Green

    Wonderful photos. I was going to ask if you eat the cherries or if the birds eat the cherries. To my surprise I read in your comments that you get no fruit.

  3. lensandpensbysally

    There is a special joy in the unfolding of a blossoming tree, especially in full bloom. Savor the “glory.” Of course, while you head for the darker days of winter, we’re in the early days of spring. Maybe we can shore each other’s light and dark days.

  4. Tracy Rhynas

    We too are heading towards are our shortest day, but do not have anything as lovely as your blossoms to cheer us up – I adore cherry blossom, how lucky you are to enjoy it twice a year.

      1. Tracy Rhynas

        We won’t have rain now until September, everything is dry and brown…..even all our colourful birds have left us! But, I surround myself with colour indoors – flowers on the table and of course, my lovely array of gemstones and sparklies – and our sun thankfully seldom deserts us!

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      You are right; it is quite a big tree now. I always think of it as a smaller tree compared to others in the neighbourhood but, on its own merits, it is big.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you. The bees were incredible. It was barely 10 degrees yet they were all over the tree. I wanted to record their hum but the noise from the road traffic made it impossible for me to do so.

  5. Clanmother

    What a wonderful interruption!!! You can’t miss this blooming time! Absolutely spectacular. Our cherry blossom are have vanished until next year!


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