Sanitarium Factory Garden

We had a quick visit to the Sanitarium Factory Garden this afternoon. The sun was out but the wind was too cool for lazy strolling.   The garden remains well cared for even though the factory is under reconstruction. This photo shows  why marmite lovers don’t get marmite at the moment.

The earthquake bit the marmite section out of the weet-bix sandwich. On the left you can see that the building is being reclad with some sort of corrugated iron which is a good idea.

But, here is the garden looking as beautiful as ever.The rhodendrons are coming to an end but they are still lovely. The bumblebees agree.

The roses are starting to bloom. All the roses that were just opening had droplets of rain collected amongst the folds of the petals. Looked good enough to sip. Would it have tasted like rosewater, I wonder?

Unfortunately, my photo of the water droplet amongst the petals didn’t come out well. That’s why you got the rose bud instead.


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