Chores must be done……with fun

No gallivanting today. Chores must be done….with fun….which is partly why I colour coordinate my laundry pegs and have cheerful neon coloured washing baskets.

I wish I had more colours in my peg collection. It would be fun but peg manufacturers seem to stick to the basics…sigh 😦  ….where’s their imagination?

Sometimes, when I am hanging out the washing, I get a smile thinking about one of our TV weathermen  who likes to give  forecasts in “laundry” terms e.g. “Wellington, it’s a 4 peg washing day for you tomorrow. Winds will be gusting up to 100k an hour…”  A 4 peg washing day! Love it.

So, now it’s raining; time to unpeg the washing and bring it all in.

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