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Resting Places


The day begins. Early morning light at the window.

I sit, in silence, stilled, on the edge of the bed, book in hand.

The reading is Caring by F R Scott.



Frank Reginald Scott born Quebec,1899. Life cycle completed 31st January 1985.

Sound and song fill my space.  A Villanelle for Our Time.

“Centre of calm beyond excess

Who cares for caring, has caress.”

© silkannthreades

Inspiring transformations

Ladysighs teaches herself to write Minute Poems  and  Lanterne poetry.   Mrs P  of Destination Unknown challenges herself to create Villanelles. Their willingness to play with form and words inspired me to attempt a haiku; my very first haiku, ever, emerging, as I near the completion of my fifties!

The monarchs return

when the plums ripen and fall

and  the winds blow home.

The monarchs return

The monarchs return

Plums ripen

when the plums ripen

Plum drop

and fall

There it is; short and sweet 😉

Will I write more haiku, or try my hand, and brain, at another form of poetry ? Maybe, but probably not yet. I would like to concentrate  my spare creative energy on my  chap books.  They need a massive transformation before they are ready to fly.

© silkannthreades