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In my previous  post, we took a brief look in the rear view mirror. This post goes further back, to the beginning of my blogcation, in late March.

Preparing for my weekend visitor, I fill the vases…..

for the table

Borage, Salvia and Sage

Borage, Salvia and Sage in Blue

Yellow Rocket and Mexican Orange Blossom Leaves

Yellow Rocket and Mexican Orange Blossom Leaves

and for the bedroom

Monet and Chilean Guava

Monet and Chilean Guava


Today, April 13 is Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. One of my favourite websites for plant information is this one http://www.monticello.org/site/visit . I would like to visit the Monticello gardens, one day.  In the meantime, I looked up sage and borage to see if they featured at Monticello, and they do. I particularly liked this reference to  sage/salvia.

“This Mediterranean shrub has been grown in gardens since at least the thirteenth century. It was thought to prolong life, even “render men immortal.” Sage was a standard item in gardens from colonial times, and was included by Jefferson in a list of “Objects for the garden this year” in 1794. The term Salvia comes from the Latin salveo meaning “I am well,” a reference to its virtuous powers. In addition to being a useful culinary herb, Sage is an attractive ornamental dwarf shrub that attracts bees and butterflies, but is not favored by deer.”

Although I do not have to worry about deer ( snails are bad enough! ) eating my plants, I love that I have a plant in my garden that  relates to health and well-being and healing. How lovely to look back and realise that I greeted my special guest with a vase of ‘well being”.

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Happy Birthday my Beauties

Such excitement when I came home from shopping just after midday……..I noticed one monarch butterfly hanging under a desiccated courgette leaf and, next to it, the remains of a delicate chrysalis. I rushed inside to get my camera and, as I was doing so, I saw another butterfly drying its wings on the thyme bush. Then, whilst trying to take photos of the two relatively still butterflies, a third monarch fluttered about us. It was resting a lot in the sun and taking only short flights, so I suppose it was newly emerged too.   I managed to get photos of the two resting butterflies .As I write this post, I can see the three butterflies testing their wings in the gentle breeze along my driveway and, from time to time, alighting on whatever plant takes their fancy.  Imagine the freedom of finding your wings for the first time and being able to explore further than your swan plant world. It’s sunny and warm with a pale blue sky and a sweet, light whisper of wind. What a day to start a new life. Sensational.  Here is the butterfly under the courgette leaf. Note the old chrysalis to the side.Emerged

The butterfly is slowly moving to a sunnier spot.Climbing

This is the second butterfly I saw.  It had moved from the thyme to the zinnias where there was more sunshine.Zinnia Sunbed

After a while it flew to a hanging basket of heuchera where it rested and I waited patiently for it to spread its wings. My patience was rewarded.Spread your wings and fly

For those of you wondering about the status of the lone long ranger who set up home next to my  door, here is a photo taken today of the chrysalis. You can see that it is now darkened which, I believe, means it won’t be long before a butterfly appears.Not long now

Considering that the other monarchs seemed to take at least a month to emerge from their chrysalis forms, I think I now know why this caterpillar took such a long journey to attach itself to the brickwork on the warmest side of the house. It knew that time was getting short if it wanted to be ‘born’ before the first cold days of autumn. If only we humans were as responsive and concerned about climate change and how it affects our survival.

Happy Birthday my Beauties on this, the first day of Autumn.

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Here and There

I am feeling weary after yesterday’s heat, so, today, I am only going to post some quiet, soothing photos without the noise of too many words.

This is the carpet thyme and chamomile  forest by my vegetable box.Thyme and Chamomile Forest

Chamomile beacon;Light up my life

Thyme for Chamomile Tea?Thyme for Tea

Nope, not quite yet, because we are off to McLeans Forest on McLeans Island where the strange, eerie whisperings of the pine trees surround us.Pine Forest

The scent of the pines and the songs of the birds are sweet but there is something about the sounds in a pine forest  that raise the hairs on the back of my neck; time to head home


to the homegrown, simple serenity of my zinnias.Zinnias

© silkannthreades