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Two seasons in one tree

It looks like autumn. It feels like autumn. It smells like autumn.Looks like Autumn

The evidence seems clear; autumn is here.

Or is it? Take a closer look at this photo of my ornamental cherry tree.Two seasons in One.

Do you see the blossoms?

I used to think that my cherry tree was as confused as I was about changing weather patterns but, a few years ago, I realised that the previous owner of my house had gifted my garden with a Prunus Autumnalis. A Prunus  Autumnalis blooms twice a year; once in autumn/early winter and, again, in spring. The bees and the birds delight in this tree and its blossom. This year, I may ask my little ‘wildlife’ guests if they will let me share their feasting.  Apparently, the cherry leaves and blossoms are as delectable to the human palate as they are to the human eye.

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