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Blessings and the Garden

Today the rain is torrential. I have been watching the rain send the roses and  broadbeans sideways. And grimacing at the sight.  The other day the sun was literally cooking all the seedlings. In the space of a few days we have gone from one extreme to another.  It’s a tough life being a garden.

In the midst of the downpour, the postman brought the mail to my door; something that he doesn’t normally need to do. But, today, he had a large packet for me that would have stuck out of my mailbox and become a sodden mess in a matter of moments.

So that was a blessing; the first one. Both the mail and I were spared a drenching.

The packet contained a  lovely calendar made by the Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner school in Sydney. And that was my second blessing for the day. A beautiful calendar for 2013.Here's to another year!

And here is the third blessing ….on the end page of the calendar there is a delightful verse , “Blessings on the Garden”. I thought it was exactly the tonic that the garden and I needed on this wild weather day. It is a reminder of the rhythms and seasons of the natural world. I quote:

We thank the water, earth and air

And all the helping powers they bear

We thank the people loving and good

That grow and cook our daily food

And last of all we thank the Sun

The light and life of everyone.

We will welcome the sun when it comes by again.