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At least I tried…….

For those of you who are very skilled with cameras and computers, this little home made video clip of mine will seem very quaint. However, I want to place it on my blog as a record of my first ‘successful’ attempt at a) taking a video with my Panasonic Lumix camera and b) saving the video to my laptop and then loading it onto my Youtube account and then onto my blog. That process was a lot of hard work for little old me; non digital native that I am. But, at least, I gave it a go; I tried. No doubt there are easier ways of doing it but I haven’t found them yet 🙂

And, as a reminder of how antiquated I am, (and, therefore, how tricky I find digital life), I should tell you that I began my life in a home with a kerosene fridge, a primus stove for cooking, a copper for boiling clothes and making soap; a big old fashioned radio, no hot water system and no telephone, and just enough electricity for a few light bulbs. The one luxury we had in Fiji, which gave us a certain superiority over some of our relatives in ‘wealthier’ New Zealand, was an indoor toilet. See how far we have come! Not really sure how that relates to anything, but, at least, I tried to explain…
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