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Summers by the Sea

Down at the seaside, I discovered a lady who is a very poor advertisement for sun safe practices. She may even encourage other unsafe behaviours which is maybe why someone complained to the Council about her presence in a public park.  She (and I couldn’t find a name anywhere) is, I believe, the creation of Christchurch born sculptor, Llew Summers.  http://www.llewsummers.co.nz/   I haven’t seen a lot of his work but I love the sculptures I have encountered.  They are warm, full spirited and endowed with feeling and exuberance. They celebrate our souls. That’s my opinion.

Here is what I mean;The Lady on the Shore

Sun loverSun seeker

with long sand toned  tresses waiting for hands to caress them. Sandy hair

For some, she may be a fish out of water, like these little creatures nearby, but I think she is fabulous. Still, I can’t help being worried about her lack of sunscreen. Fish out of Water

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