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Out of the Gloom come Gems of Loveliness

Continuing on the theme of   surprises ,  it is surprising what gems of loveliness can be found, tucked away,  in the gloom

There be GLOOM!

There be GLOOM!

of the back rooms of our lives.

Inspired by a friend’s gift of plums from her backyard tree,

Plums, pretty and perfect

Plums, pretty and perfect, rich gems of juicy fruit

I was fossicking in the attic,

in search of my books on  JAM , plum jam, when my eyes lit upon the long-forgotten face of Sister Wendy Beckett,

contemplative nun, writer, broadcaster and art lover, who recently appeared on Desert Island Discs, talking of her life, her love of  Schubert’s Serenade , and confessing to the sin of being nasty to her little sister 😦

I was thrilled to see her again and to reconnect with her meditations on peace, and  to realise how greatly she influenced my understanding of art,  in the days before online art galleries and Wiki and blogging.   What a remarkable person, I heard myself saying, communicating, as she does, so clearly, from the silence and  physical confines  of her world. …

not unlike this poem, of which Sister Wendy, defender of Classics and Latin, would surely  approve, which my daughter wrote for me, in  the solitude of her nights in   Far North Queensland

To a  Peony

(in which my daughter remembers the day, when she was extremely sad, and her mother gave her a sweet-scented peony from the garden )

Welcome back Sweet Peony

Welcome back Sweet Peony

Dark leaves, put forth thy anniversary.
Honey may burn; thy nectar rises up
like sugar syrup in a warmer cup,
ribbons the water. And say how can it be,
thou growest so magenta, when the hew
of thy first stock was white? Unless it was
among the hedgehogs and the heucheras
the lost  god stopped and wept his ancient dew.
Colours stand faster in the dimming air;
so in the long grey drizzling afternoon
of dying hope, was thy expressive bloom
placed by a gentle hand into my care;
I see it still, in my mind, in the gloom
unfolding endless petals in my empty room.

*td* (first draft)

© silkannthreades


At least I tried…….

For those of you who are very skilled with cameras and computers, this little home made video clip of mine will seem very quaint. However, I want to place it on my blog as a record of my first ‘successful’ attempt at a) taking a video with my Panasonic Lumix camera and b) saving the video to my laptop and then loading it onto my Youtube account and then onto my blog. That process was a lot of hard work for little old me; non digital native that I am. But, at least, I gave it a go; I tried. No doubt there are easier ways of doing it but I haven’t found them yet 🙂

And, as a reminder of how antiquated I am, (and, therefore, how tricky I find digital life), I should tell you that I began my life in a home with a kerosene fridge, a primus stove for cooking, a copper for boiling clothes and making soap; a big old fashioned radio, no hot water system and no telephone, and just enough electricity for a few light bulbs. The one luxury we had in Fiji, which gave us a certain superiority over some of our relatives in ‘wealthier’ New Zealand, was an indoor toilet. See how far we have come! Not really sure how that relates to anything, but, at least, I tried to explain…
© silkannthreades