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Floral notes at the close of day.

Keeping chipper today, in face of the continued machinations of bread and washing machines, has been an exercise in gritted teeth and grim determination. I have been for a walk and cleared my head, enough to laugh at the idea that the bread machine and the washing machine might do better if they swapped tasks …..and to remember that a couple of very beautiful scenes graced my day.

To dwell on the best of the day as it comes to an end here are…..

Daisy Fields at the University Gardens.Snow in Summer

Look a little closerDown

still closer Downer

And who lives here?Downest

Then, up I struggled  (creak, creak, go the knees) and off I went to look at the stars in my garden. The star jasmine with its delicate scent has been out for a while but the clematis only started to bloom a couple of days ago.Clematis and Star JasmineAnother view

© silkannthreades

Playtime at the Park

Our gallivanting today included a visit to Avonhead Park.  I am fascinated by this park because it incorporates  huge power pylons. Usually I consider  pylons of this size an eyesore but, in this case, I think they are successfully integrated in to the landscape, especially the central group which is softened by native plantings. Marching westwardsThe park is often used by sports teams, so, sometimes, I think of the pylons as a team of giants or, sometimes, as giant spectators.  And other times, I can imagine a pylon as a man-made tree,There are trees and then there are trees.throwing its very own tree shadow. 'Tree' shadow

And, if my imagination really runs out to play, I can turn the pylon into a stairway to a star .Reach for the StarOr, with my mind never far from prosaic domesticity, this pylon could be my washing line, on steroids. Nice day to get the washing dry.  Hanging out the washingOkay, that is enough playing around in the park.  Time to head home where, thanks to these pylons, I will have plenty of hot water to do the washing.

Saying it with herbs

The garden, at this time of the year, changes so rapidly. It’s almost a case of “Blink and you miss it”, whatever the ‘it’ is for that moment.  Last week I had lots of roses. Today, I am dead-heading  the first blooms of their season.

Out the back door, the mint is flourishing; so much so that it is growing across the door way, which is a happy situation for me as the leaves catch in the door and bring in a lovely minty fragrance to the laundry area.

With a bounty of mint, I decided to use it in my table vases, (in truth, regular drinking glasses). Since I don’t have a Christmas tree this year, I think my herbal arrangements make a good substitute.  They say “Happy Christmas” to me and, I hope, “Happy Christmas” to all of you.

The long view;

3 Minty Treesthe short view;Breadth


From on High In the language of flowers mint represents virtue. The virtue of mint in a vase is that it lasts a long time and, with fresh water, will last the Christmas season.The virtuous mint

Random meetings?

Yesterday, through various connections, I was introduced to three remarkable people. How I missed meeting these people until now is a mystery to me, although I suspect the clues lie somewhere in the ‘wooded’ land between the laundry line and the kitchen sink.

In no particular order of remarkability, the three new folk in my life are: Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin; Janet Bowie;  and John O’Donohue.

I don’t know why our meetings happened within the space of one day. Were they entirely random? At first I couldn’t see any linkages but, on reflection, I have decided that the inter- twining threads are prolific creativity, hard work and Godliness or spirituality; theirs not mine, of course 🙂

I find each person fascinating. But, the person I most want to know better is  John O’Donohue, because I fell in love with this quote found on Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_O%27Donohue)

  • “When you cease to fear your solitude, a new creativity awakens in you. Your forgotten or neglected wealth begins to reveal itself. You come home to yourself and learn to rest within. Thoughts are our inner senses. Infused with silence and solitude, they bring out the mystery of inner landscape.” p.17Anam Cara (1997)

One day, I hope I will read John O’Donoghue’s Beneditcus: A Book of Blessings or To Bless The Space Between Us.

In the meantime, I am sharing part of a challenge sent to us with our Communion invitations, entitled Some questions you might like to ask at the end of the day – with thanks to John O’Donohue’s Benedictus

What dreams did I create last night?

Where did my eyes linger today?

Where was I blind?

What did I learn from today?

What did I read?

What new thoughts visited me?

What did I avoid today?

From all this, how will I approach tomorrow?

If you want to know what I avoided today; it was sorting out the basket where I keep all my receipts and bills and other paper that accumulates in a our supposedly paperless, computerised world.

As for Janet Bowie…. according to the Otago Settlers Museum in Dunedin, she made 736 pairs of socks for New Zealand soldiers during the Great War and, for her efforts, she was awarded the world’s first and only MBE for knitting. What a knitter. And if anyone doubts the importance of warm, knitted socks in war time, google trench foot.

The sweet, wily wise doorkeeper

Yesterday, I went out the back door to the clothesline and found the cat stretched out on the warm path, like so. I had to step round her to reach my washing. Then, as if to protest  the shadow I cast on her leisurely nap, she moved ever so slightly, in her own good time, to a spot closer to the door.  Here she is, being keeper of the door, instead of lazy laundry attendant.  Now I had to step over her, not round her.

Lying so sweetly as she was, made me think of tamara’s post on persimmons. Tamara explains that persimmons become sweeter and better with age.  I think, my ( I say ‘my’ guardedly) cat is ageing like a persimmon ( purrsimmon 🙂 ) …… don’t panic, I am not intending to eat her!  She gets sweeter, wiser, and possibly wilier, each day. Here she is, my favourite doorkeeper (as long as I don’t fall over her or step on her ) .

With  special thanks to tamara for her lovely post on persimmons :


Chores must be done……with fun

No gallivanting today. Chores must be done….with fun….which is partly why I colour coordinate my laundry pegs and have cheerful neon coloured washing baskets.

I wish I had more colours in my peg collection. It would be fun but peg manufacturers seem to stick to the basics…sigh 😦  ….where’s their imagination?

Sometimes, when I am hanging out the washing, I get a smile thinking about one of our TV weathermen  who likes to give  forecasts in “laundry” terms e.g. “Wellington, it’s a 4 peg washing day for you tomorrow. Winds will be gusting up to 100k an hour…”  A 4 peg washing day! Love it.

So, now it’s raining; time to unpeg the washing and bring it all in.