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Any time is Granola time.

In my long ago life in New York, I was introduced to the deliciousness of home made granola. I made a lot of it and ate a lot of it.  And then, probably because I was in places where the ingredients were hard to come by, I stopped making granola. Recently, a friend, with a passion for a  good granola breakfast, inspired me to revisit my old granola habits. I fished out my tatty, tatty granola recipe, taken from  Waldbaum’s Quick Oats packaging, in the late 1980s, and made a batch of granola. I scorched it, slightly, but granola is forgiving so it was still scrummy, especially with its deficiencies smothered with yogurt and chunky cooked apple.

Today I made some more granola and this time I toasted it perfectly. Not 14 cups of granola though. I halved the recipe to suit my little household.

Granola, anyone? Good for breakfast, good for any and all times.

Questions: Does Waldbaum continue to put a granola recipe on its Quick Oats packets? Is it the same one? Or is granola so 1980s that the modern consumer no longer makes it?