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Queasy and Uneasy

We live about a 15 minute drive from the sea but we haven ‘t been to see it since well before the September 2010 earthquake. My reasons; fear of being trapped near the coast in a severe earthquake; not wanting to see the mess caused to the eastern suburbs by the earthquakes.  However, after reading a post  at  http://musicalalmanac.wordpress.com/,  I  decided that I must put aside fears and get to the sea to inhale some salty air.

The route we took through the eastern suburbs was not pleasant. The road was bumpy and dishevelled and upheaved. It made me feel mildly queasy. The houses, the gardens, the whole length of the route, on either side, appear so broken and dejected. It made me wonder how it will ever be put right or recreated.

The seaside itself at New Brighton and North New Brighton was a much happier sight and largely unchanged from what I remember from pre earthquakes visits.  The swell was high, the air was misty and the wind was cool.  That didn’t deter the swimmers and walkers and holiday makers. I enjoyed filling my lungs with sea air but I certainly wasn’t interested in joining the swimmers or walkers. When it comes to the sea and sand, my heart and body were lost to the warm South Pacific islands the day I was born.

We didn’t stay long; a few photos and a few deep breaths and we were on our way home. This time by the easier and scarcely damaged Queen Elizabeth Drive.New Brighton PIer

Points northwardNorth New Brighton

I am glad I went. I found I wasn’t anxious or afraid but I was uneasy. I will go again sometime but I am not in a hurry.

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