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River Dreaming

Today, as the TV babbled on in the background, I caught the tail end of an infomercial. Something about skin cream and its magical properties. The Voice said ” blah, blah, blah blah, something something..” and then , “The internet confirms the beneficial effects of blah blah blah..”  And I laughed, and thought, so this is what life has come to. We no longer need to be convinced that 9 out of 10 specialists recommend a certain cream. No, if the internet confirms it, then it is so. Definite, indisputable, undeniable.

Then, why oh why, when I really want the internet to confirm something, does it  fail me? Know it all, internet!  Bah humbug. If this were a skin cream,  there would be no problem, but, as it is, my internet searches neither confirm nor deny that where we ventured today is the source of the Avon River . One out of one of me believes that it is.

Here is the approach to the source of the Avon on Withells Road. The artistic fencing seems to have experienced some earthquake mangling.

The approach

Nearly there. One out of one of me believes that she read (obviously not on the internet) that the water level at the spring source has been revitalised since the earthquakes? Will my belief be confirmed?

Nearly there

Yes,  here it is; the beginning of the rising water….Springing Forth

and a little further alongMore water

And, off the river goes through the suburbs, the city, the parks and gardens till it reaches the sea, near New Brighton. On its way to the sea

So, what has any of that got to do with Dreaming? Only one thing; it’s my dream to walk, or explore , little by little, all the rivers of Christchurch from ” source to sea”. It’s  a pipe dream but you will notice that a lot of my posts connect with rivers, particularly the Avon. It will take me more than a few tomorrows to achieve this dream, but I have made a start. As usual, it’s a non-linear route that I take. But  dreams, like rivers, are not straightforward; they meander.

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