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How did I do with my bread, Annie?

Some of my followers may recall that I love to make bread. I wrote about my enthusiasm for bread making Here  I haven’t made any bread for a while because I have been enjoying an upmarket-supermarket bread, made with Flax and Spelt. Yesterday, however, I was in exactly the right mood to make my own bread again, so, how timely was this post from Forest So Green http://forestsogreen.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/making-oatmeal-bread/  It’s a perfect, detailed, easy to follow recipe for making oatmeal bread.  I followed Annie’s instructions carefully; especially this very important one “While the bread is baking, it is going to smell very good.  Ignore your thoughts to open the oven door.  The bread is on its own now and it knows exactly what to do.   Just sit back, enjoy the delicious aroma, and wait for the kitchen timer to ring.”

Here is the result. How did I do Annie? The loaves aren’t as beautifully shaped as yours but they taste ever so good. Thank you for a wonderful recipe 🙂

Annie's Oatmeal Bread made by Gallivanta

Annie’s Oatmeal Bread made by Gallivanta

I know that many folk no longer eat wheat based breads because of gluten intolerance/allergies, so they won’t share my adoration of all things bread. But, for me, there is hardly anything more soothing and rewarding than the process of bread making, followed by that first bite, from that first slice, of fresh-from-the-oven bread.

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