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Eating Rocks

This week I have been experimenting with rock cake recipes, in an attempt to recreate the rock cakes I remember from my childhood. So far, I haven’t made any replicas but I finally settled on the old Edmonds recipe for Rock Cakes, as a suitable compromise. The recipe is basic and easy and economical. Rock CakesWhen I was a child I puzzled about why these cakes were called rock cakes. I thought it had something to do with their texture because, after a couple of days , they were sometimes as hard as rocks. Usually, they were all eaten before that could happen. It was not until my more senior years that I finally ‘twigged’ that the rock in rock cakes refers to their shape.

Old Faithfuls

I made peanut brownie biscuits this afternoon. I hadn’t made them since before the year dot. I was apprehensive. However, I used a tried and true recipe from my faithful old friend, the 1967 edition of the Edmonds Cookery Book, and no biscuit could have turned out finer.

My Edmonds Cookery Book has been with me to almost every corner of the world. It looks well travelled ……. and  even  well chewed, which seems appropriate for a cookery book.

No need to chew paper today; here’s a few biscuits from the batch.

Something else I did today that I haven’t done since before the year dot; I licked the mixing bowl clean – not literally, I used a spoon and licked that clean.  Delicious fun.

A Proper Nuisance

This is Jack, my best friend.

This week he was dobbed in to  Dog Control as a nuisance barker. There is no strict definition for nuisance barking, in terms of number and duration of barks, but, apparently, someone considers six or seven barks a day a nuisance.  I do not which someone complained. However, I do sympathise with the complainant because Jack has a piercing bark.  Yet, surely, a dog is entitled to some free speech.  Or should be 🙂 !  And when it comes to noise, I admire the attitude of one neighbour who says,” I like hearing Jack bark. If I can hear him bark, I know I am alive.”

That’s the spirit.

Only, because I believe in good neighbourlines, Jack has to be very good and very silent for awhile. I guess that means I must find another way to help my neighbour  know she is alive. Cookies, perhaps?

Questions: Why do we say “a proper nuisance”?  Is there “an improper nuisance” ?