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Meal of the Moment minus the Moose

Laila, on  tableofcolors , prepares the most beautiful food for her family and friends ( and others besides, as part of her work). In late November, despite the difficulties presented by a  blackout ,  Laila, ( with help from her husband, I think )  made a meal of roast moose and roast vegetables  with spinach crepes.     It looked delicious on her blog post but, not having access to a supply of moose,  the only part that I could try to copy was the spinach crepe. So try  I did,  and then I tried  more  and more….. until I was quite *roly poly gammon no meat and some spinach* and very well satisfied.

Since then we have had several meals ( hot, cold, warm ) of delectable spinach crepes and I am pleased to report that they are my new favourite  meal of the moment, food.

Thank you Laila. Your recipes are inspirational, but so practical, and, whenever I make them, I feel as though I have brought a little bit of your lovely home, and a little bit of Finland, into my world.

Spinach Crepes for Lunch

Spinach Crepes for Lunch

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