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If you need a good book…..

In my previous post, I expressed the fanciful notion that my little dog showed a vague resemblance to a Tibetan Snow Lion. Some of you may have thought, “Huh oh, Gallivanta’s gone barking mad.” Or, at the very least, inhaled too much of her precious, essential oil of rosemary.  However, let me reassure you that my flights of fancy were most likely the result of a rekindled imagination, courtesy of a very cute little chap, called Fred. Not just any old Fred, but FEARLESS FRED.

Here he is. I think he is adorable; from the tip of his colander helmet to the toes of his red rubber boots.  Fearless Fred Fearless Fred has a trusty mate, of the canine variety, who doubles as a trusty steed to Fred’s knight in shining armour. Together they go hunting for a dragon, and a dragon, of sorts, is duly encountered. And, then, it is home in time for tea; a tea of that quintessential New Zealand meal; fish and chips.

Fearless Fred , with its wonderful mix of imagination and reality and humour, is the creation of writer and fellow blogger, Maureen Sudlow. The delightful and whimsical illustrations are by Kat Quin Merewether. If you are looking for a book that will appeal to adult and child alike, look no further than this little gem. Ask for it at your bookstore, or suggest to your favourite librarian that your local library needs a copy on its bookshelves.  You can also find Fearless Fred at this link (http://kiwis-soar.com/fearless-fred/) and learn more about Maureen’s day at the library with Fearless Fred at this link( http://kiwis-soar.com/2013/05/01/freds-debut/.) The kids, in their Fearless Fred armour, and Maureen look as though they are having a great time.

Maureen’s  book was a Finalist in the Storylines Joy Cowley Award.  Joy Cowley (http://www.joycowley.com/) is a renowned New Zealand author of children’s’ and adults’ books. She is also known  internationally,  especially in the education sector for her excellent and enjoyable educational readers.

Thank you, Maureen, for adding to our rich heritage of children’s literature. Fearless Fred is placed next to me as I blog. He makes me smile. I wonder what imaginative adventures he will take me on next.

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