The Colour of Spring

In my mind’s eye the colour of spring is tender:  pink and white and violet, and dimpled daffodil yellow; diaphanous blue; soft, lush green; all steeped in  warm, lemon honey sunshine.  But that is not often the reality of spring,  particularly  in Christchurch where, in September, the average sunshine hours per day number 5.5.

No, the colour of spring is more nuanced than my mind’s eye would have it. It is frequently overcast with grey,

Spring Grey

Spring Grey

and dim drizzle,  (skip to the end of the video if you  are interested in the cherry blossom)

and shaded skies.

Spring under shaded sky

Spring under shaded sky

But for all that  my spring is not mental picture-perfect, I still love it. And I will take it any way it comes.

I love spring however it is served.

I love spring however it is served;  but I don’t eat daffodils ~ they’re poisonous ~ just saying ;).


191 thoughts on “The Colour of Spring

  1. April

    Just as I know that exercise will keep my physical self in order, I also know that reading and hearing the voices of others is very calming. You do that for me…..bring me back to calm. I thank you for that. ❤

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you for the kindness of your comment. Today has been unusually hot for Christchurch, and trying to do a few simple things has brought me to a literal melting point. I haven’t felt at all calm but your comment brought a nice relaxed smile to my face. 🙂

  2. Lavinia Ross

    This is a beautiful little tour of your spring, Gallivanta! My thoughts and prayers are with the people of New Zealand today in the aftermath of the quake..

    Email notification of your posts are not coming through. I came looking for you.

  3. susurrus

    You’ve described the quintessential colours of spring perfectly. I should not confess this but I’m never sure what qualifies as an hour of ‘sun’ on a plant label. Does the sky need to be blue and cloudless, with the sun streaming down, or does a brightish, grey overcast hour at mid day count?

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          I have just been over to your blog to see you have been adding colour to your surroundings with delicious pumpkin treats. And if there is more snow I will think of your children bringing colour outdoors in their bright snow clothing.

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