Christmas in another light

Dear Friends

I am living in the semi-dark ages. I am one of a select few subject to an internet outage which started on Saturday and has no date for resolution. I am managing basic communications with an expensive data plan on my mobile.

I will be back when my telco says so (or Santa grants my Christmas wish of an internet fix). In the meantime, may your world treat you kindly, and Christmas blessings to those who celebrate Christmas.

Feeling that Christmas glow?

Feeling that Christmas glow yet?

180 thoughts on “Christmas in another light

  1. Miss Lou

    Aww, lets hope that your telco will provide you with uncharged, uncapped mobile data until they get your internets fixed! That is, if you are using the same provider?

    They recently did that for me, when they neglected to tell me a transition from ADSL to NBN would mean I was without a connection on my Birthday (No skypes with family, and I couldn’t feed my neopet)..

    Hopefully fixed sooner, rather than later.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      The internet service is operating as it should but despite my best efforts the telco didn’t want to provide me with uncharged, uncapped mobile data whilst the internet was down. If I have enough oomph I may go online and harass (politely) for a refund for the days without service. You have a neopet! Cute ( I suppose?)

  2. tableofcolors

    Hoping you get your internet working soon! Hoping that 2016 brings you all the best! We just passed the winter solstice here in the Nordic and so it will be getting lighter everyday by a minute or two. Slowly but surely we too will emerge from the semi-dark ages that November and December often feel like. 🙂

  3. Leya

    I have just read the report from WP, and you are my fourth most commenting visitor! Many warm hugs and thanks for the year now gone, 2015, and looking forward to speaking more over the net 2016!

  4. Sheryl

    From reading previous comments it looks like your internet is again working. . . yeah!. . . So much is internet-based these days, and It’s so difficult to get along without it. Happy New Year!

      1. Sheryl

        Thanks for the link. I probably am not following this, but this is the first I heard about it. It’s interesting how I learned about a policy issue in the U.S. via New Zealand. 🙂

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          That is interesting but I am sure there are loads of other policy issues which are happening around you about which I have no idea.

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