Meads and Posies and Life

This post comes to you,

just because it’s spring,

A Spring 'Blue' : for outstanding performance to the sweet peas, hebes, phacelia, borage, forget-me-nots, alyssum, and clematis.

A Spring ‘Blue’ for outstanding performance, to the sweet peas, hebes, phacelia, borage, forget-me-nots, alyssum, campanula, and clematis.

and flowers demand attention, with winning ways,

Clover, sweet peas, and roses have winning ways.

Clover, sweet peas, and roses have seductively winning wiles.

and because I promised Tish Farrell , Writer on the Edge, I would  photograph my mini-meadows when they flowered.

'Oh may I squire you round the meads And pick you posies gay?' A E Housman

‘Oh may I squire you round the meads
And pick you posies gay?’ A E Housman

'Ah, life, what is it but a flower?' A E Housman, A Shropshire Lad

‘Ah, life, what is it but a flower?’ A E Housman, A Shropshire Lad

© silkannthreades


216 thoughts on “Meads and Posies and Life

  1. Wendy L. Macdonald

    Your bouquets are a perfect feast for the eyes. Spring is my favorite season, and thoughts of it help me bear the rainy days of our coastal winters. Better rain than snow—but flowers are best of all.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Aquileana

    Beautiful flowers … I love the fact that you took photographs of those mini-meadows when they flowered…
    I am wishing you merry Christmas and all the best for 2016… happy to connect with you, dear Gallivanta. Aquileana 🌟 ☀️

  3. Leya

    The joy of spring – I think no one transmits it better than you, dear friend. Your garden and flowers shower their fragrant petals all over the world. Thank you!

  4. tableofcolors

    Such beautiful flowers. Your air has the beautiful breath of spring in it…and ours has the darkness of the night that only the Nordic has this time of year. But I am not lamenting, for the there are candles to be burned and our spring and blooms will come with time. Happy Advent!

  5. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

    An awesome meadow of flowers you have. I love the many shades and shadows of blue and lavenders–all my favorite colors. It’s always amazing, to me at least, how the plants seem to know where they will look the absolute best [if they are from seed]. Did you plant this beautiful meadow with plants or from seeds? Oh, how I would love to see your flowers in life but you take exquisite photos of flowers.
    I’ve been ‘under a pile of paper’ for a couple of months and not sure when I’ll be finished but wanted to pop in and say hello.
    Winter is here and we’ve had our first freeze. I still need to do a bit of winterizing but must keep my priorities in order. Happy spring to you.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Hope you are getting on top of that pile of papers! I have several piles eyeing me with menace. The ‘meadow’ came from a seed packet and some self-sown plants. It’s almost time to re-sow the area. Not sure what will go in next.

      1. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

        I love the meadow that flourish from seed packets. I’ve done a lot of that myself. I know whatever you plant will be exquisite.
        This mess of paperwork is going to take another 6 – 9 months. However, I did stop and pick up all the piles off my office floor so I could vaccum and that sort of thing. Now, it’s on my desk and other surfaces.
        Happy gardening.

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          The happy thing about paper work is that when you are finally done with it, and can shred it, it makes very good compost. Christmas Blessings to you.

        2. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

          Unfortunately, the medical records I’m working with I’ll need to file away and keep forever. It will be left for whoever cleans out the house when we are no longer able to live here. I’m thankful I saved as much as I did all these years. It makes going back and asking for other needed records so much easier.
          I do shread much of the mail that arrives at our door and other non-essential paper.

        3. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.

          We’ve had a lot but nothing like so many others. Our area is only 12 years old and was built with a great deal of thought in disposing of heavy rainfall. Parts of the state have been declaed disaster areas.
          I have a new Shih Tzu rescue. He’s 3 and a perfect darling. With a name like Bailey he’s a perfect mixture of love and being inquisitive. He loves all the attention and wiggled his way right into our hearts. Happy 2016 to you, my friend.

  6. Michael Abrahams

    Dear Gallivanta, I’m not sure the earlier post go through. I was absolutely thrilled to see the photo of the LES (Drasa Avenue) Ist XV, which by my estimate is 1959/60, and I’m the first person from left to right in the front row, two away from Scott – I also recognise Kevin Beat and William King (deceased) and another whose surname was Davidson – alas his given name escapes me a the moment. If you have any further information about the photo or can put me in touch with your brother that would be appreciated. My family also attended St Peters Anglican Church in the days of Rev Burgess, prior to our moving to Labasa. I remember the stained glass windows behind the altar donated by Mr Robley (a CSR employee my Dad followed into Navo – just outside Nadi) in honour of his wife. You have a beautiful and inspirational blog. Kind regards, Michael (Abrahams)

      1. Zambian Lady

        I am not sure where you lived in Lusaka, but the Lubu Road has a canopy of jacaranda trees. I only realized how beautiful those trees were this year. I took them for granted while home. 😦

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          I can’t remember the suburb but we were on Ngumbo Road not far from President’s Lane. We do take things for granted, don’t we. 😉

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