What is the balance?

In life, there are cruel disappointments.

Cruel disappointment

Cruel disappointment

Leaf tree curl is back again!

Leaf tree curl is back again! 😦 😦


And, then, there are serendipitous moments


of sweet bliss ~

Sweet bliss ~ my morning view of the Michelia.

Sweet bliss ~ my morning view of the Michelia.

Does one ever outweigh the other?  🙂

What is the balance?

What is the balance?

© silkannthreades

216 thoughts on “What is the balance?

  1. Leya

    Balance – yes, it’s all about that, isn’t it. Not an easy thing, but we must always try, always strive for balance. I have taken a year off…trying to regain some of it. And, I’m feeling a bit better now, a bit more relaxed and able to look forward to things. I hope you are doing OK.

      1. Leya

        Yes, I am. I’m taking my mother out as often as I can. Her husband is out and about playing bridge and boule and things my mother doesn’t do. She sings and goes to gymnastics and they both go on trips together with other retired people. We walk the dog every day together. Her memory is faltering nowadays – the usual way…I can tell her about something and the minute after she is asking the same thing. Healthy otherwise. I’m grateful.

        1. Leya

          Maybe…but I workout on the gym with my daughter, and singing in her choir is not for me, I think. I see your point, though!

        2. Gallivanta Post author

          Aww, how lovely you have time to work out with your daughter, too. Looks as though you have a good balance of individual and joint activities.

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