2 thoughts on “Daisy

  1. Alexander Lautsyus

    There are thousands miles between the continents and oceans separate them. However wild life in many ways is looking the same. You can meet daisies and dandelion almost everywhere in the World. They are simple but so attractive in their natural beauty.
    I am trying to imagine how would I feel Hallowing and Christmas at Spring and Summer time. I cannot. Sometime ago I’ve been in Sydney (Australia) by their winter time in August and was surprise with the temperature +25C. I know the weather is not the main element of these holidays feeling however it is the big part of it that create the mood.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Yes, it’s amazing that such simple little flowers connect us the world over. They are tiny but persistent, and they are survivors. I have celebrated festivals, like Christmas and Easter, in both hemispheres. The essential spirit of the occasions remains the same, for me, but somehow I really do enjoy them more in the Northern Hemisphere. However perhaps the best Christmas service, the most meaningful one, I have attended was in Cairo. The spirit of Christmas felt very close and the joy of the service was not lessened even though we were surrounded by security forces charged with protecting us from possible terrorist attacks.


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