Sunday Sentiments

This week, I want to try something new on my blog;  daily posts in the style of my contemplative chap books.

So, beginning with the opening words of my favourite chap book,

Come sit awhile with me…….


Come sit awhile with me

Come sit awhile with me

as I send loving birthday wishes to a special friend in England,


'the compass round'

‘the compass round’

and remember these words by Robert Frost, “Connections and community – the basis of love – and the product.”*,

and these words, too.

“By countless silken ties of love and thought
To everything the compass round….”
Robert Frost ~The Silken Tent

*from Poem for the Day Two edited by Nicholas Albery


With healing and love,



© silkannthreades




52 thoughts on “Sunday Sentiments

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      I feel I should return to that Sunday. I am slightly frazzled and have successfully burnt two slices of toast to charcoal. Having another go with a third piece. Third time lucky? 😀

  1. LucyJartz

    I love your daily posts, and it was so nice to see you putting the artwork to use. I am moving in a fortnight, which is just scattering my thoughts all over. I will remind myself of a peaceful bench like this on my new back porch. Oh yes, our new home has PORCHES and a beautiful, quiet view.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank Dianne. The bench sits in one of our most beautiful parks. It is a bench to honour a special birthday so it seemed appropriate it should be part of a birthday post for my special friend.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      To add to my reply and to emphasize my scatty thoughts…..I managed, unbeknownst to me, to get some blutack on the bottom of a pan I put in to the oven. Just seen the blutack stuck to the oven tray…ah, she says, that’s why the food smelled so odd in the oven. 😀 😀 😀

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          Oh I laughed myself silly, but with you, not at you, of course…, let me tell you about….where to begin? How about the time I mistook my kitchen cupboard for the fridge! How surprising it was to find my leftover meal there two days later…..and….. 😀 😀

  2. ladysighs

    I didn’t know what a Chapbook was/is. Did look it up. 🙂
    I struggle with ideas to post about. Your ideas and the development of each are always beautiful and gentle. They flow and we always enjoy where they take us. You are able to take the simplest of ideas and turn it into a refined piece. Or something complicated and explain it beautifully. You truly have a gift. 🙂

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Dear Ladysighs, you are kind. It’s true, I am rarely stuck for an idea to post about but I am often short of time to do anything about the idea. If I get through a week of daily posts it will be a miracle. Then I may be so tired I will have to be quiet for a month. 😀

  3. Katrina Lester

    Thank you for your caring, warm birthday wishes which brought a tear to my eye. Sending you heartfelt good and happy wishes in return.

  4. Lavinia Ross

    That is a lovely Robery Frost poem, Gallivanta. And such beautiful flowers! I like the bench, too. Might just put one in our own garden here.

    Calm and Peace – the World needs much more of that. Thank you. 🙂

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          No, I hadn’t . What a great idea. I only want to try daily posts for a week and I will be happy if I get that far. My aim is to have a healing, loving week. 🙂

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