Spring equilibrium

So, what does one do on the day after a night of reckless over indulgence on cake and cookies and chocolate,  in my night kitchen?

Why , one ventures outdoors, of course, because Mother (Nature, that is) knows best how to return equilibrium to body and soul. So, that is what we did on this beautiful spring day. We sat by the water side, at Northwood, and watched the world and its wonders. We were in good company.

There were ducks, both on and off the water.

Come on in; the water's cool.

Come on in; the water’s cool.

And there was a family of ducks, with Mother and Father Duck being kept very busy with the activity of their one, little, early bird duckling.

Up on the rise, a pair of ducks was resting and, perhaps, contemplating, as they watched the dizzy whizzing of the ducks below, if they were ready for parenthood.

Contemplating duckling antics

Contemplating duckling antics

By the water’s edge, we saw two, sweetly serene seagulls, blissfully unaware of the raucous behaviour coming from the other seagulls perched on nearby rooftops.

And, then ,there was the lone Pukeko who came close enough to greet us but  decided that searching for food was a much more profitable way to spend the day. And, would we mind our own business, please!

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Lastly, before leaving for home, we communed with  pretty things, particularly pretty, spring things.

© silkannthreades

47 thoughts on “Spring equilibrium

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    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you. It’s on outings like this that I wish I had a better camera but I have fun anyway. I was surprised there weren’t more feathers but perhaps they were being used to feather nests 🙂

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Please do. It’s a description that could be put to good use for many an occasion/experience. I am sure your dogs do some dizzy whizzing at times 🙂

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Gosh, leapingtracks, you are marvellous. I am not a natural bird watcher and I am so glad you have ‘eagle eyes’ and found this wonderful link for me. I think you are right that they are NZ blacked-bill gulls which, I am ashamed to say, I didn’t know were in decline. I am wondering now if the raucous gulls were another species. On the side of the link, there is a story about the Gulls of Mokoia and the fact that they are sacred. Mokoia is also the name of one of the ships I mention in my post All at Sea. Thank you for these great connections. Here is my latest favourite quote which you will appreciate and which is apt for our comments “Life, Chaucer says, is a ‘thinne, subtil knittinge of thinges’; (from Rumer Godden’s China Court.)

        1. leapingtracks

          Indeed! I went to a play yesterday in the Edinburgh Fringe about knitting (they have plays about absolutely every subject!) and the performer quoted from all manner of classic texts which mention knitting, but not Chancer – so his is yet another reference which proves how much it was ‘woven’ into society.

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          Oh wonderful. So glad you read it. Do you think it is a book your niece would enjoy? Would you like a link to a thoroughly endearing animation of the book?

        2. leapingtracks

          I’m not sure how today’s youngsters would see this, but I found it to be delightful, not least because it reminded me of all sorts of other children’s programmes that I used to watch. This is largely due to the gorgeous voice of Oliver Postgate and was delighted to see that many of the traditional programmes I remember are available through this website http://www.dragons-friendly-society.co.uk including a Tottie DVD!

        3. Gallivanta Post author

          Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of these wonderful programmes in my childhood. The Ping Wings made me laugh so much; and I love that the Clangers are knitted. Quite quite wonderful. And Oliver Postgate does have a beautiful voice.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Definitely! But I was very distracted by my husband who was beside me eating a chocolate ice cream cone. Some people can never get enough of chocolate and ice cream it seems!!!! I did not indulge.

  2. Forest So Green

    I like ducks, I see them often at a pond but they are afraid of people, I can almost smell your lovely springtime 🙂

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Our ducks are usually overly friendly because they are used to being fed by visitors to their territory. This lot must have already had a good feed because they were quite relaxed about my presence. The magnolia petals are so fragrant that I have collected the fallen ones and placed them in a bowl on my table. They don’t look pretty but they smell wonderful.

  3. utesmile

    That looks lovely green and sunny. So did you jog on the grass to get rid of the chocolate last night? Only joking….I would have just enjoyed a calm relaxing walk too, watching hte sweet ducks. Could have brought them some crumbs… 🙂

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      No jogging! But I did get down on my knees to take a photo of the duckling and I found I couldn’t get up again. Some ungainly knee crawling went on. Luckily, only the birds could see my clumsiness. 😀 And, yes, how mean of me to forget to bring crumbs for the birds.


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