In the pink with juice and jelly

The other day, when I was operating in thrift mode, ( ), you may remember that I boiled up some apple peelings and a few cranberries to make a base for a fruit cordial.  Today, with the help of another brew of cranberries and apple scraps, and a small pot of sugar syrup, I did, indeed, make the fruit cordial; about 2 litres of it.  And I then had enough of the basic fruit juice  to make two little cups of apple cranberry jelly, as well. Now is that nifty thrift,  or what? A bit of this, a bit of that, sweetened by syrupy sugar and stirred with some moments from time and there it is ; complete deliciousness in the very pink of thrift and palatable pleasures. In the pink

And, for an extra helping of good feelings, I decided to add a slice of home-made ginger cake to my plate. Ginger it up


I have heard it said that the colour pink can act as an appetite suppressant. I guess that’s why, after my light refreshment, I didn’t feel like eating  dinner. 🙂 Oh wait, maybe that was the sugar hit.

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34 thoughts on “In the pink with juice and jelly

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  2. Clanmother

    You make everything look so beautiful! China plates are so festive. When I was a kid, every Saturday night our family would have a celebration. Mom would fix us our favourite meal – hamburgers and fries – and set it our on her special China.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      That is lovely; hamburger and fries on special china. Reminds me that our very special treat, as children, was to be taken to a hotel restaurant for hamburgers and fries. It would be dark on the drive home and I would lie in the back seat of the car and watch the night sky and stars as we travelled along. Ah, happy memories. A hamburger was an occasion, not something you bought from a fast food chain because you were too tired to cook. I am guilty of that!

      1. utesmile

        I just received my anklets….hurray , beautiful, beautifully wrapped and I put hem on straight away. Even though it is cold and I have legginds and socks on , I want to wear them, feels good. I shall dance even better tonight……. when I go to my tap lessons…. 🙂

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          Great! I can already see your feet tapping and the anklets flashing. And they will help you to think that spring is coming. Truly, it is. You probably know that in some cultures the anklets and wrist decorations are all part of the dance. Flowers too. Have fun.

      1. melodylowes

        Interesting – you never know what knowledge is loose out there until a fellow blogger corrals it in. 🙂 I know about the use of colour in a bedroom to promote sleep, so why not?

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          If pink does suppress appetite, it’s a bit scary that pink is so overwhelming in the clothing of little girls and some of their toys! Are we setting them up for eating problems? And since I love red, and red stimulates appetite, no wonder I can’t keep my mouth away from food!

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Come to think of it that plate came from a thrift shop in New York years and years ago! The cake is delicious. It has improved since I baked it. I was disappointed with the flavour at first but I think it just needed time to mature.


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