Favourite things still come in brown paper packages

My mail box doesn’t see a lot of activity these days, which, considering its earthquake battered state, isn’t such a bad thing.  It really wouldn’t take the strain of too much mail. However, I do receive enough real mail to make a daily check of the mail box worthwhile, even if, sometimes, the only occupants I  find are snails, attempting to establish a new residence. Yesterday was more worthwhile than usual, for what did I see but this…….a little package with a green customs sticker and….. no snails!…..and…….What's this?

exciting, exotic Singaporean stamps.Stamps of Singapore

I was pleased and surprised and amazed besides, because this could only be my order from Lizzie Rose Jewellery, posted a mere three days ago from far off Singapore. Postal services may be in decline worldwide but the Singapore postal service obviously hasn’t been told that. Such speed. It takes longer than 3 days for a letter to travel a few hundred kilometres within my own country.  But, back to the package, which I opened a little clumsily in my haste to see the contents. The haste was to no avail, as I discovered the contents were not meant to be revealed in a hurry.  This parcel was going to need  unwrapping with the same  consideration and care  with which it was put together. With hasty fingers subdued, I found, under a layer of thin cardboard, a small, impeccably neat, brown paper package, tied up with string, complete with bowBrown paper package

and a sweet, rosy label.Sweet  rosy label

String untied with ease, I delved, more gently this time, in to the brown paper package and discovered more delightful bows and ribbons. I began to feel as if I were playing that old-fashioned party pleaser/teaser, ‘Pass the Parcel’, but with more enjoyment than in my younger years because there was only one possible winner in this game; me!More pretty bows

Like every well-mannered party girl, I looked at the card and gift tag first (do you see the cute butterfly cut out that holds the ribbon?), so that I would know whom to thank at the end of the celebration.  And, as I looked at each detail before me, the ribbons, the string, the paper  and  the stickers wrapped and tied themselves around my store of wonderful memories of parcels past. In particular, I remember parcels from my grandfather and aunt, lovingly packaged in brown paper and tied with string and perfect, postal-approved knots.  Inside these parcels, there would be the excitement of kids’ magazines, jelly babies, and pretty stickers requiring stick, and, sometimes, real treasures such as exquisitely hand-made dolls clothes, or a hand-knitted hug me tight (shrug).  And these memories,in turn, fastened on to that tiny little prick of conscience I experienced earlier, when I tore into my mail, and reminded me of decades of diligently instilled old school traditions of thrift. So, when I returned to the present, I studied the pink tissue paper and delicate tape and shiny green ribbon and worked out how to open the pink tissue paper parcel without destroying the wrapping ……..Green and pink and gorgeousand, finally, there, before me, was my favourite thing;  jewellery, absolutely and perfectly made, just for me.Just for me

Thank you Cath of Lizzie Rose for adding colour and wonder to my day. It’s not my birthday till the end of the month but I feel like the party has already started :). Thanks, too, for making my shopping easy and stress free and for giving me confidence that real customer service truly does exist outside my memory bank.

Footnote: Here is the link to Cath’s lovely blog which I  enjoy for its creativity and its insight in to life in Singapore. It will also link you to her Etsy shop and her creative world.


Anklenote: I also bought a beautiful anklet  from Lizzie Rose. I thought I was too old for such silliness but, I discover that one is never too old for some fun and frivolity. The anklet is light and comfortable and I am going to wear it till it’s time to put on my winter boots. Its tiny turquoise beads remind me of summer seas and skies.


© silkannthreades


31 thoughts on “Favourite things still come in brown paper packages

  1. Mrs. P

    Oh how fun! I don’t know how I missed this post. It’s a good thing your blog links to the earlier post or I would have missed this altogether.

    Lizzie Rose gets an A+ for best wrapping ever. Very nice blog and jewelry. Now, what is a hug me tight? And which day at the end of the month? Mine is also at the end of the month. 🙂

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      A Hug me tight is, I think, what is now called a shrug. Just a little knitted garment with short sleeves that covered your shoulders and upper chest, but with no buttons or ties. My birthday will be on 27th. Are we a match? 🙂

  2. leapingtracks

    Lovely post – I could sense the anticipation of the unwrapping every second – my heart was thumping! Can’t wait to take a look at the LizzieRose site and might well join you in a purchase or two! 🙂

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Please do! My weakness is beads, especially the shiny ones. I also like the jingle and clink and sounds that jewellery makes. Then, one day, when I was reading comments somewhere on Lizzie Rose, Cath mentioned that she cared about the sound her jewellery makes, and I ‘swooned with joy’. Of course, I didn’t really swoon at all. No one would pick me up if I did!

  3. utesmile

    Isn’t it extra special when something you ordered comes in such beautiful carefully wrapped packages. It was done with love and you do not find many companies who do that any more. I find it extra special. As for the ankle bracelet you made my mind at easy, as I thought about my age too. I love one too, probably I treat myself for my birthday to that.. 🙂 Love this post with the slowly unwrapping your beautiful bracelet.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Some companies do wrap products nicely but they don’t give you the feeling that they are doing something extra carefully just for you. That is the special part. And PLEASE, please get an ankle bracelet for the summer. I promise you it will give you so much joy, especially when you are dancing. In fact an anklet will make you want to dance!

      1. utesmile

        That sounds fantastic, done deal, as my birthday is in June, it is on the list. (Mind you I might get it before… 🙂 I am all excited about it now! Thank you so much!

  4. KatherinesDaughter

    Your story brought back a memory for me. I had a very bad day a few years ago and decided to go buy myself some flowers for my desk at work. When I went to the florist, they wrapped my flowers so lovingly- in pretty paper and with a bow- I burst into tears at the sheer specialness of it. Sometimes, love is in the details…Thanks for a great post!

  5. ordinarygood

    I love getting something really interesting in the letter box but it doesn’t happen as often as it used to. I did enjoy your post and have had a look at lizzierose’s blog and Etsy shop. She makes delightful creations. Happy Birthday in advance:-))

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Special mail or parcels in the mail are a real treat these days. I am glad you had a look at the Lizzie Rose blog. She is very creative and I do like to read about her life in Singapore too. Thanks for advance birthday wishes. I should have kept my parcel till my real birthday but that would have required a bit too much self restraint 🙂

  6. lizzierosejewellery

    Thank you for your lovely and kind words regarding my packaging, jewellery, blog,… everything! You have made my day! I hope everyone can feel like you did when you opened the package, that would be special. Cath

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      I hope so too. I had so much fun. And, as I mentioned before, I have put all the paper and ribbons and string in my “to use again’ drawer. I am not very clear about some of the technical aspects of blogging, so some of my links may not be very clear. For example I wanted to put your Etsy picture of the anklet on my post but I didn’t know how to. So you are welcome to reblog or use parts of my post on your post or Etsy shop if you would like to. Have a happy weekend.

      1. lizzierosejewellery

        I would love to mention your post on my blog, will do so next week. To copy an image for your blog, right click on the image you want and choose ‘copy image url’ then when you go to insert media in your post, choose ‘insert media from url’ and paste into the box. The image should appear and you can then continue as normal. Hope this helps, I learned how to do it by asking another blogger so don’t worry, it’s the best way to find out how to do things!

  7. Clanmother

    Your posts bring laughter and memories! And you are NOT to old for ankle bracelets. Happy Birthday! I want to be the first one to wish you all the very, very best on your special day. Many hugs…

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Yes, indeed. Although I chose the gift myself, I was genuinely surprised by the experience of the parcel in the post and the memories it evoked. When remembering my grandfather’s parcels, I thought many times of all the magazines and parcels your grandfather sent to his offspring. Parcels from abroad have always been an important part of my life.


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