Mrs Cockalarum’s surprise outing

This is Mrs Cockalarum, who arrived last Christmas complete with name.  She is, in her regular domestic life, a decorative paper weight, only, most of the time, she decorates a chest of drawers and no paper comes near her. A dull life

She has a few animals to keep her company, including some of her own kind. However, every now and again, even a paperweight can do with a change of scenery and a new point of view, so I decided to take Mrs Cockalarum on an autumnal excursion.

Starting indoors, we tried out the floor,How's it down there?

then a higher perch, At the High Table

but her view was obscured so we went outside, where she dusted her feathers with the scent of alyssum andSweet Alyssum

pecked at the sweetest red berries. Berry Good

After which she looked at the world from a seat made of corn and silken tasselsA sweet corn spot

and took a swing in a hanging basket.Swinging along

Today, the world was full of surprises for me and Mrs Cockalarum, not the least of which was finding this in the tree outside my house!How surprising!

Footnote: The berries are called New Zealand cranberries. They are delicious but are not much like any  cranberries that  I have ever tasted. Their real name is Chilean Guava ( Ugni molinae (Mrytus ugni)). Apparently the berries were a favourite with Queen Victoria. Mrs Cockalarum and I have given our unroyal seal of approval too.Chilean Guavas

© silkannthreades


31 thoughts on “Mrs Cockalarum’s surprise outing

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        1. Gallivanta Post author

          I am ashamed (but only a very little) to say it is 1pm and I am not long out of bed. I am not an early riser anymore, and especially not in winter.

        2. Cynthia Reyes

          You’ve worked long and hard to get to a point where you can rise when you wish!

          It’s just past 9 p.m. here right now.
          And it made me smile to remember that it is your winter now. So when I talk about flowers, herbs and vegetables, does that feel really out of place for you?

        3. Gallivanta Post author

          Yes, one of the great luxuries of life is being able to rise and sleep when one wants to. And now I see my elderly mother struggling with sleep, and lack of it, I am more determined than ever to make the most of my freedom to sleep, as I wish ,whilst I can.
          I love reading about your flowers and vegetables and your summer time. It helps with the bleakness outside my door. I am not a ‘winter’ person. I struggle with cold and dreariness.

        4. Cynthia Reyes

          Being able to sleep is a blessing. I didn’t quite realize that till I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep at all, for days on end.
          I feel for your mom.
          And am glad you are enjoying your sleep!

        5. Gallivanta Post author

          I hope you sleep more easily now. Ten years ago I had 4 months of unremitting, sleep-destroying pain. It was not a happy time but it gave me a small insight into the world of pain and for that I am grateful (in hindsight!).

  2. ordinarygood

    I love the way you have matched tonings as you have gone about in the garden. I also spotted embroidery from another time and a circular place mat that I grew up with as a child. Many times I have traced my finger around and around and around.
    And to discover an unexpected “find” in the known garden is always a great thing.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Ah, you have spotted the details! I used to love tracing my finger round the table mats too. And spinning them on the table! And stacking them and balancing them and doing all sorts of things which probably weren’t appropriate. My table mats are only about 20 years old but we had similar ones in my childhood home. The embroidered cloth is very old and in a fragile state but it has been part of my life for so long that I can’t bear to hide it away. Thank you for joining us on our surprise outing.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      I have one lot that seem to have been struck by a bacteria or fungus. The others are doing really well. I usually have far too many each year; I make syrup and jelly till I am almost drowning in it. And, yes, anything for an excuse to clown about in the garden.


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