An Autumnal Day

One minute it’s summer and the next minute it’s autumn. The changeover happens so quickly. There’s a tangible change in the air that I find impossible to describe, but I absolutely know it’s there and I know it contains the essence of autumn.

Here are a few photos from this autumn day:

Leaves preparing to leave us on the breeze;

Autumn leaves in the Breeze

Quietly saying goodbye;A quiet farewell

The bees are working busily to make the most of the harvest and the autumn sun; Working overtime in the oregano

And the strength of the summer sun seems to have come to rest in the beautiful  yellows of the garden blooms.Sunshine in a GazaniaSunshine in the Rocket

© silkannthreades

22 thoughts on “An Autumnal Day

  1. dmill96

    Greet photos – thanks for posting. Strange to think of it being fall “down under” as I’m getting the last of winter snows, so a little color is a great diversion from the drab here.

  2. Letizia

    I love the colors of Autumn; it’s my favorite season. I moved to North East America a few years ago from France and have been amazed by the spectacular changes in the leaves at that time (it’s nice in France but here it seems to be in full blast!). As we move slowly, oh so slowly, towards Spring here, it’s fun to see your photos of my favorite season 🙂

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Sadly, it’s not my favourite season, but I was thinking this morning about the glorious colours of autumn in the North East of the US. We lived in White Plains, New York, for a while and I loved visiting an area around Croton during fall. And I used to have a friend who always took me for a drive in the Westchester area specifically to see the colours.

  3. gpcox

    I recall the change of seasons being so lovely, but 42 years in Florida – well – our change of seasons is when the “snowbirds” come and go. Our part-time residents give us winter to summer and back again (and those photos aren’t so pretty).

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      The seasonal changes are very very subtle in warmer climates. I laughed at the way you notice your main seasonal change from winter to summer and back again. You might not get pretty photos but some would certainly be interesting!


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