The presents of this day

I don’t know the origin of this saying …… “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.”, but it is one of my favourites.  It always brings a smile to my heart.  It was especially apt for today because, it seems to me, that this present day was full of gifts….. or is it, this gift of today was full of presents? Either way, I have had so many presents since I  began my day  that it almost feels as though it should be my birthday.

Here are some samples from the gift list.

First and foremost, my laptop has been successfully repaired and is now back in its rightful  place, on my bench, and working like a dream.  I want to sing and dance and give a medal to the patient technician who carefully and lovingly restored my old machine to its former pristine glory.

Next, because I have my own laptop at my fingertips again, I was able to access Facebook easily and, there, I found a wonderful quote waiting for me. I have read this one before but it was good to be reminded of it : ” Joy is what makes life worth living, but ,for many, joy seems hard to find. They complain that their lives are sorrowful and depressing. What then brings the joy we so much desire? Are some people just lucky, while others have run out of luck? Strange as it may sound, we can choose joy. Two people can be part of the same event, but one may choose to live it quite differently from the other. One may choose to trust that what happened, painful as it may be, holds a promise. The other may choose despair and be destroyed by it. What makes us human is precisely this freedom of choice.”
– Henri Nouwen    I am not sure that I agree totally with these words but I do like the idea that we may have the option to choose joy.

After Facebook, I checked in to my favourite National Gallery website to see the Painting of the Month And here I discovered the amazing Rachel Ruysch, and her Flowers in a Vase , painted about 1685.  There is such exquisiteness in this featured still life that I could spend all  day looking at it.

However, if I did that, I wouldn’t have time to share my other delights of the day which, of course, relate to my monarch butterflies. When I woke this morning, I peeked out the bedroom window to check the weather and I saw four butterflies trying to warm up under overcast skies.  What a wonderful sight to see first thing in the morning. Good Morning Sunshine

And I also saw this chrysalis which maybe the mystery waiting for its tomorrow.Tomorrow's mystery

Another  present was the present of laughter, given to me by the cat; naturally. She is so resourceful and an expert in cuteness.  She slipped inside this afternoon when my son came by and, a while later, she was discovered in a state of extreme purrtentment, on my daughter’s bed.  My daughter left home a couple of years ago, so we think Zoe Cat  was saying,” Well, if my sister is not here, I am not going to let a good bed go to waste.”  I am only surprised she hasn’t thought of this before now.

Here is the warm orange fluffball on a cloud of blue bliss. Purrtentment

My unexpected bonus gift of the day was the discovery that my michelia tree  is covered with  beautiful russet coloured buds with the texture of the richest and most luxurious velvet. How about that; a gift wrapped in velvet 🙂Wrapped in velvet

Question; do you notice a certain, orange-y autumnal theme in this post? I think there is but it wasn’t intended. It happened of its own accord.

© silkannthreades

24 thoughts on “The presents of this day

  1. Sara

    You have a lovely way of looking at things, a vision and appreciation for little things that most people don’t possess. I really want to know, what kind of stuff do you plant in your garden that attracts so many butterflies?

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you Sara for your kind comments. To attract the monarch butterflies we plant swan plants. I don’t know if that is the name given to that plant in the US. That is their primary food source. In general, most of the plants in my garden are bee-friendly, low allergy and able to withstand dry conditions.

  2. Clanmother

    My dear friend, I am always refreshed when I come by for a visit. There are so many gifts that we are granted each day! My gift was in the form of a quote that I found on Facebook. You exemplify the spirit of these words…

    “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” Dalai Lama

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      A lovely quote. It makes me joyful. You may have noticed in the comments that I was given a link to A A Milne quotes. I have so enjoyed reading them today too. Some of them gave me such a good laugh.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      The michelia is a type of magnolia, I believe. The flowers will be white and sweet smelling. Somewhat like a gardenia but not as strong.

  3. Letizia

    What beautiful photos and what lovely quotations! My Buddhist meditation teacher told us that joy is a choice in that it’s a reaction to the world around us; we can perceive an event as negative or positive, that’s up to us, it doesn’t change the actual event. I was reminded of that through your quotations.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      I am glad you enjoyed my post. I, too, thought there was a Buddhist element in Nouwen’s quote. Initially, I wondered if the quote would hold true for people already struggling with mental health difficulties where choice may be very limited. I am still not sure, but I remembered that Henri Nouwen,himself, struggled with clinical depression,so there is a wealth of experience behind his words.

  4. Mrs. P

    What a wonderful day you had! This is exciting to see that you have more babies on the way. And how is our “door keeper” doing?

    The quote in your first paragraph was A.A.Milne, from Winnie the Pooh. He has written many lovely quotes as you can see by this link.

    I love the second quote as well. It follows my philosophy of life quite well. 🙂

    Love the velvet flower buds…Are the flowers velvety too?

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thanks for link. I am pleased to know it is from A.A. Milne. The ‘door keeper’ is still hanging in there. As for the flowers; they are white with a delicate perfume and don’t come out till late spring!

  5. utesmile

    What a wonderful joyful post, I love both quotes there and you have such wonderful gifts around you. You have beautiful warm heart seeing all these gifts. Joy and happiness is you who chooses and I see you have chosen it. Have a big hug, a present from me, on this beautiful day!

  6. KatherinesDaughter

    What a beautiful “present” filled day! My daughter’s name is Michelene. I will have to look for the Michelia plant here in the states! She is a real green thumb….and she LOVES butterflies!


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