Scenes from a summer’s morn

There’s nothing like a beautiful summer’s morning to enjoy the green grass of home.Relaxing with my bro' on guardSome prefer the sun,Sun seeker

whilst some prefer the shade.When are you going to turn the water on?

Besides, the shade is closer to the fence and the fence is closer to mysteries which need a good barking to.  Shall I bark?

More sensible creatures know that the mysteries of life are best dealt with by a relaxed attitude (with paws at the ready, just in case!)Relax, my bro', take it easy© silkannthreades

25 thoughts on “Scenes from a summer’s morn

  1. lizzierosejewellery

    That’s great! It all depends where you want the anklet to fall really, I currently have mine resting on the top of the foot and across the ankle bone which is fine for a simple beaded design with no drops. This is ok if you don’t wear a full shoe like me – it’s sandals and flip flops mostly here. And it also allows for movement of the foot up and down without feeling that it’s stretching the anklet. Best to get the extension chain then you can play around with it. I don’t charge any extra for the chain adding. Thanks, Cath

  2. ordinarygood

    We could do well to be like your cat and dog – stretch out, take in some sun, balance it with shade, rest when needed……Jazz our cat starts in the sun but it is too hot this summer for much of that (!!:-))) so he heads for the shade and/or his beloved banana box bed.

  3. utesmile

    I could easily join your cat there, it would be much better than our -1 degree with fog here in London. Your garden looks so beautiful too. Perfect for relaxing in!

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      No, that’s the limit! They tolerate each other most of the time but they are not friends. However they watch each other very closely and often imitate each other which makes me laugh.

        1. Gallivanta Post author

          It’s beautiful again.
          By the way, I measured my ankle because I think I would like to try one of your anklets. But I am not sure whether I should measure above the ankle or sort of around it. At the moment I think I would need one of the extension chains.

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