A Place of our Own in the Woods

I wanted to take some photos in the central city yesterday but, thanks to road works and deviations, I failed to reach my intended destination. I finally ended up at  Little Hagley Park where  I was able to recuperate and recover my senses.

Little Hagley ParkLittle Hagley ParkAlthough, our central city buildings  and roads are in a state of upheaval (or heaved over in some cases), and out of kilter like this bridge on Helmores Lane,  Broken Bridgewe are able to  salvage our sanity  in places like  Little Hagley Park.  We are so lucky that, approximately a few hundred metres from demolition and digging, and a major city road, we can lose ourselves in solitude and calm.

Under the trees at Little Hagley Park, we can feel far removed from the busyness of city living.

In the woods

In  every direction there is a  peaceful wooded view. This is the view, looking across the Avon, from Little Hagley Park  to Millbrook ReserveQuiet Reserve

And this is the view from the Reserve, looking across the Avon, to Little Hagley Park.Looking out from Quiet Reserve

Thanks to our first city planners and all the many wonderful landscapers, planners,  gardeners and hard workers who came after, we can believe, for a moment or more, that each of us has a place of our own in the woods, in the city.  A place in the Woods

© silkannthreades

16 thoughts on “A Place of our Own in the Woods

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you. The little tree hut is right next to the river. Must have great views! There is a beauty here but I would still like to check out Patagonia 🙂

  1. Clanmother

    You really did have some amazing city planners. Every one of your posts is a testament to those who chose to celebrate nature within a community. Can hardly wait to see more….


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