The Royal Nursery

Remember Mother Monarch ?

Her offspring are growing rapidly and will soon be ready to leave the nursery. Here are some of her growing brood. I think the family numbers a dozen or so. Royal Nursery

© silkannthreades


12 thoughts on “The Royal Nursery

  1. ordinarygood

    What wonderful photos you have captured. With this long spell of hot, dry weather I have finally seen some Monarch butterflies. We don’t have any swan plants so I don’t think I will see any caterpillars. We used to have lots of the plants and watched many, many butterflies emerge. It is such a magical process to watch and learn from for all ages.

      1. ordinarygood

        When the children were young we would bring in the twigs with the cocoons on them and shelter them indoors until they emerged. It was a wonderful process to watch and then allow the butterfly its freedom out the open slider.

  2. Mrs. P

    Watching butterflies go through metamorphosis is simply fascinating! While out on a hike with my students we found a caterpillar on and fennel plant. I dug up the whole plant and brought it back to school and we watched it turn into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly. The kids were fascinated with watching it go through the various stages, especially the final stage when it became a butterfly…a beautiful Anise Swallowtail. The markings on it are very similar to the Monarch but they are yellow instead of orange.

    How lucky yo are to have been able to see all of the stages!

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      I am glad you mention your school experience because, watching my caterpillars, reminds me of the caterpillars I watched in class as a very young student. Your pupils will most likely remember the Anise Swallowtail and the fennel plant for the rest of their lives. Hooray for teachers and the experiences they give to their pupils!

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      They are being very modest in their consumption. So far have only munched the tips. They will only eat the swan plants so if they run out the caterpillars will just die, sadly. So far, so good.


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