More sheep than people?

On our gallivants this afternoon, we encountered some sheep, in a small field, a short walk from a major shopping mall. That made me think how lucky we are to live in a city which still has farm animals, and a touch of country, within its boundaries.Grazing on Grassmere

Spurred on by our first sheepish encounter, we went sheep spotting. This group was camera-shy, or plain hungry, and went as far from me as they could get. Shy SheepThese two went even further; into the dry Styx river bed and under the shade of the pear trees.Sheep on the StyxNext stop was at the paddock by St James Church ; bit of a rough, ragamuffin bunch, this lot. Long tails for some and some long locks for others.Sheep styling But, best of all, for sheep in the neighbourhood of spiritual redemption, there was a black sheep in the family.  Black SheepUnsurprisingly, the sheep turned away from me again; this time they moved off towards the churchyard, eating as they went.Sheep to the SteepleSo there you have it; the excitement of gallivanting through the country, in the city. Did you notice any people? NO? Well, I guess it’s true, then, that there are more sheep in New Zealand than people. ” But, wait,” says Sheep,” I saw people. So surprising. I wish I’d had a camera.” Hey, I'm not silly.  I saw people.

© silkannthreades

5 thoughts on “More sheep than people?

  1. Clanmother

    You reminded me of J.S. Bach and his wonderful “Sheep May Safely Graze,”

    “Sheep may safely graze on pasture
    When the shepherd guards them well.
    Where rulers govern well
    we may feel peace and rest
    and what makes countries happy”


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