Day is done

One of my most abiding memories comes from my young days as a Girl Guide. At the end of our gathering, sometimes close to sunset, we would sing Taps. As best as I can recall we only sang one verse ;” Day is done, gone the sun, from the sea, from the earth, from the sky, All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.”  The original verse says lakes, rather than sea, but, on our small tropical island, lakes would have made little sense to most of us. Oceans and lagoons and sea water were our world. And, whether we  sang earth, rather than hills, I can’t say for sure, but it is earth that always come readily to my lips whenever Taps tripples through my mind.  I love Taps. I did  then and I  do now, perhaps even more now than then. In my childhood, Taps, for me, had no association with the sadness of funerals; it was a simple and gentle calling  to  end the day’s activities and rest, which is fairly true to its original purpose.  And, although, as an adult , I know slightly more about Taps and the context in which it is used, I continue to associate it with warmth and peacefulness, and sunsets.That is why I will more often sing Taps on a long summer evening than in the chill of winter. I was singing Taps as I took these photos, the other evening. It was my first attempt to use my camera outside at twilight. Watch my song as it descends in to the night  …………………………  Day is Done,Day is DoneGone the sun, from the sea, from the earth, from the sky …… and yet the sky, even after sunset, remains so blue ….Gone the SunAll is well ……do you see what I see in the photo below?….  the tiny star that gems the sky.All is WellSafely rest,Safely RestGod is nigh.


© silkannthreades

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