And the heat goes on…….

And the heat goes on and on, at a relentless 30 degrees,(centigrade), or thereabouts, and I am feeling wilted like my animals. Would that I were supple enough to sprawl like the creatures,Get Up? Why?

or were small enough to creep under the cool nasturtium and zucchini canopy.Cool Nasturtiums

Here’s the zucchini in the mix, in case you doubt me.Zucchini in the mix

Oh dear, living in Christchurch has turned me into a heat wimp. Long gone are the days when 42 degrees meant hot, and 30 degrees was cardigan time.

© silkannthreades

22 thoughts on “And the heat goes on…….

  1. Eugenie

    It sure has been a hot weekend.onsat I wondered about the house in my nightie til 3pm but had a great catch up with. Special girlfriend a husband alas she was out. On Sunday ihad planned to go church but slept in so once again wanered around in my nightie watering the back garden then at 3pm went out t visit friends from wgtn. We had a wonderful catch up and plan brunch together later in the week . Being too hot to garden I spent hours watching family DVDs reading and listening to favourite CDs ot panpipes music I bought at last years elders lie festival. Jack certainly looks wiped out and I love the combination of nasturtiums and feel guilty as I had them growing everywhere and dug the they were completely taking over my geranium and pelagonium patch,!

  2. billduff

    I am so happy to have stumbled onto your blog. I love that I can read about the heat when I am in such a deep freeze in Canada. Thank-you. I will follow you.

  3. Clanmother

    How did you ever manage 42 degrees???!!!! But then I wonder how I managed the minus 42 degrees of Northern Canada’s winters. Our fellow travelers, the animals, seem to have a high level of flexibility and adaptation – and acceptance.

  4. Playamart - Zeebra Designs

    i love love love nasturtiums! yes, creep beneath the canopy and release your inner child! nibble a nasturtium! their colors are so happy, the leaves are happy! i love to paint watercolor studies of them…

    squash… stuff of fry those blossoms or of course enjoy the fruit

    it’s not often too hot here, but a few days ago before the next wave of rain… wow, it was stuffy! i was painting and so very sweaty, quite unusual for here where i live in ecuador.


    1. Gallivanta Post author

      They are happy flowers/plants and deliciously edible. Do you have any of your nasturtium paintings on your blog? The squash are lovely too. I decided to grow them and the nasturtiums in the one container this year which was probably a bit silly because the squash need so much more water than nasturtiums do. But they seem happy enough together. We don’t usually get heat day after day like this. Usually the weather changes rapidly; sometimes we have four seasons in one day.
      ps.. I eat borage flowers too! Steal them from under the bees’ noses.

      1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs

        your ‘ps’ made me laugh!
        i haven’t gotten a ‘start’ of nasturtiums here on the coast, but they grow like weeds in the andes. a friend presented me with a nosegay of nasturtium leaves last week, and my jaw hit the ground! she has an organic garden about an hour away in the hills.. aja, i will soon be getting some flowers, i hope. i promise to paint a watercolor study asap!!!



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