Floral notes at the close of day.

Keeping chipper today, in face of the continued machinations of bread and washing machines, has been an exercise in gritted teeth and grim determination. I have been for a walk and cleared my head, enough to laugh at the idea that the bread machine and the washing machine might do better if they swapped tasks …..and to remember that a couple of very beautiful scenes graced my day.

To dwell on the best of the day as it comes to an end here are…..

Daisy Fields at the University Gardens.Snow in Summer

Look a little closerDown

still closer Downer

And who lives here?Downest

Then, up I struggled  (creak, creak, go the knees) and off I went to look at the stars in my garden. The star jasmine with its delicate scent has been out for a while but the clematis only started to bloom a couple of days ago.Clematis and Star JasmineAnother view

© silkannthreades


34 thoughts on “Floral notes at the close of day.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      I think the University must be doing that too because I have never seen so many daisies in that area. The birds were so busy amongst the daisies and I think I saw wood pigeons too.

  1. leapingtracks

    Beautiful pictures as usual. My favourite is from the lowest point looking up. And I would have loved to see the photos taken by someone observing you, truly dedicated to your art!! 🙂

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Yes , I would have loved to see any such photos too. Honestly, that is the first time in years that I have gotten so close to the ground.(Oh, except for the time I tumbled on my garden path!). I really wondered if I was going to be able to get up again.


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