Being taken ( along ) for the ride *© silkannthreades*

In life, we are often taken where we never intended to go, or never imagined we could, or would, go. On the journey, we come to dead ends, we take detours and make deviations and, occasionally, find ourselves on roundabouts from which there seems to be no easy exit. Eventually, we find a path through the distractions, obstructions and obfuscations and, sometimes, the route is  full of delightful surprises.  As it is in life, so it is in Christchurch these days; literally more than figuratively, although both apply.

On any drive around this city, on any day, you will invariably meet a sign like this,Follow the signswhich means that, although you may start your outing at one place, such as this, Elmwood Parkby the time you have followed, or not followed (naughty me!),  all the signs and the detours, you could end up somewhere else entirely, like this.Who wants to ride the Merry go Round?The route or the ride, or the direction, do not matter when it is holiday time and you have as much freedom as you want to explore and enjoy the sights. It’s not quite as much fun on a busy day when you have a specific destination and purpose for your travelling.

By the way, did you spot the bicycle amongst  the trees? Here it is, in plain view. Did someone have enough of his/her ride? Did I miss a person sleeping “it” off in the bushes?Bike in the BushesAs is usual during the holiday season, there are more of these cones around than people.Cones RuleSo, no need to worry about anyone else sitting under the apple tree with me, but me.Under the apple tree at Plynlimon Park.It’s an ideal place to contemplate that, one way or another, we are often being taken ( along ) for a ride, so we may as well enjoy it. You never know where it may lead .

Here is one plant enjoying a ride at new and, most likely, unexpected heights;Along for the RideAnother way to ride;

More ridersYet another way to be taken for a ride; Bee Rider

But does it matter how we are taken along if our destination turns out to be as sweet as this?Sweet floral destination

© silkannthreades

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