It’s a little bit magical

Remember that little bit of free fruit ?pretty plum jewels

I put it in a pot and added a little bit of unfree fruit

Apples and Lemonand simmered them together for a while. Then I strained the cooked fruit,  in my usual rough and ready manner, and mixed the juice with some brown sugarBrown sugar, rose bowland boiled the mixture for 10 minutes, and a bit, and the result was a little bit magical; a small dish of utterly delicious, delectable and delightful apple and plum jelly.  Apple and Plum Jelly

YUM, JELLY!Magical

© silkannthreades

13 thoughts on “It’s a little bit magical

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Yep. I am about to have a go at some banana, apple and plum jam; if the first day of the New Year doesn’t get away on me. Do you go First Footing by the way?


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