Down by the River

We went down to the banks of the Avon River this afternoon to see what was happening there on the last day of 2012. We parked at the corner of Montreal Street and Cambridge Terrace and enjoyed the view; some of it shady, some of it sunny, some of it serene and some of it busy with traffic and people, and, even, bumblebees. And, of course, what is a Christchurch water scene without ducks. They never miss out. I took so many photos that I decided I would try putting them together as collages; something different for me.Down by the River

Here are the photos closer to the water. Guess who lost her footing and nearly fell in the water, whilst she was taking one of these shots? It was a warm afternoon, but not warm enough for a dunking, in my opinion. Can you see the bumblebee?By the river side

And to mark the end of 2012 and the beckoning of 2013, here is my first attempt at photo editing. Are better things to come? 😀Light in the window

© silkannthreades

8 thoughts on “Down by the River

  1. seedbud

    Lovely photos. And yes – it is certain, I am sure of it, even better things will come in 2013.
    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog this past year. They have been a joy.
    Happy New Year! Seedbud.

  2. nmartinez1938

    Bees are attracted to yellow, so just to the left of the bloom in the top row. Falling in.. the large center photo seems to be right at the waters edge. Guess I will get my answer next year.


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