Will 2013 be this muddled? Absolutely!

For me, part of the fun of being a WordPress blogger is learning, learning and more learning. Another part is just having a go, for fun. A day ago, thanks to fellow blogger,kiwiskan,I found out about Wordle. And, a few days before that, another blogger Playamart – Zeebra Designs    introduced me to Irfanview. So, for the beginning of 2013, I put my two new learnings together, in the spirit of “having a go”,  and came up with this New Year wordle. It’s far from perfect but that is appropriate to life, where sometimes everything gets muddled and messy yet usually turns out well enough, albeit with  plenty of room for improvement.Let it Be

© silkannthreades


6 thoughts on “Will 2013 be this muddled? Absolutely!

  1. leapingtracks

    How beautiful and as you say a perfect representation of life, especially as it will never be static – you can do another one in a few months and it will be different.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Now there’s a good idea; I can do a series of Wordles, except, in no time at all, someone will have thought of something even more intriguing to do with words and I will have to follow that up! Sigh! I think I needed a SIGH in my Wordle.


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