Free Food Time © silkannthreades

On my early evening walk with the dog, I noticed that it is already time to gather free food/fruit.  Last summer I exhausted myself foraging. This season,  I will try to restrain my enthusiasm for nature’s bounty. Sigh….but I hate to see it going to waste. Even the birds can’t keep up with the summer’s offerings. Here are some red plums. red plums

CherriesWild cherries

Green plumsgreen plums

The crab apples are thriving. The crab apples on this tree are absolutely delicious. I think someone else knows about them because I have to be quick to get any once they ripen.crab apple divine

A bowl of admirable restraint…..this is all I brought home with me, though I did eat a few plums during my walk.pretty plum jewels

Some of the photos suffered from the fact that I had the camera in one hand and, in the other hand, a dog straining on his leash because he wasn’t very interested in stopping to admire fruit. Fruit, what’s that! Actually, he does like apples and pears and I know where I can find those come the season  🙂

© silkannthreades

11 thoughts on “Free Food Time © silkannthreades

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Yes, there is so much loveliness about. The fruit has its own,strange wild taste but it is a change from supermarket fare. Makes great jam/jelly if I have the energy to do that.


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