A little lady lost in lavender © silkannthreades

I haven’t devoted much time to my great-grandmother in recent months. I went by to see her today and decided she was taking good care of herself. There are a few weeds scattered about but the lavender, alone amongst all the plants we have placed on her burial plot, is thriving.  I think shemust love it ,and the bees that come to enjoy it.

The lavender bush is so large now that my great-grandmother is almost lost to view; from the roadside, at least.Lost in Lavender

Another visitor buzzes by to enjoy the lavender;Buzzy VisitorThrough the lavender looking glass….farThrough the lavender looking glass and nearA closer look and then back the way we came. Looking Back I brought  two stalks of lavender home with me. Hopefully, if I don’t lose them, they will remind me to return in a few weeks to see if the lavender is ready to harvest.Lovely lavender Thanks for the sweet reminders, Great Grandmother.Sweet reminders

© silkannthreades


20 thoughts on “A little lady lost in lavender © silkannthreades

  1. magentmama

    I can smell it all the way here in Sicily!:) We have lots of gelsomino here (jasmine) even gelato al gelsomino but I have not seen lavender.

  2. kurtnemes

    A beautiful post. Lavender is a favorite of my wife and me. We went to Provence this past summer and drove past acres and acres of lavender in neat rows. Great lakes of lavender. The air was redolent with the smell. We visited a little lavender distillery and saw how the oil is steamed from the plants. It was a hypnotic day, like the smell of lavender.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you. What a wonderful trip. I can imagine the fragrance. I have heard that you need a lot of lavender to produce even the smallest amount of oil; is that so? I also wonder how many bees accidentally end up in the distilleries!

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      I don’t know that my great grandmother did this but I believe in older times people would plant a lavender bush near the laundry and place their washing on it to dry.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you. It made my day to see the lavender looking so healthy and beautiful. In one of the earthquakes, my great-grandmother’s headstone tumbled. Some kind person set it right some months ago. That made me happy too.


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