Outside In

One corner of my garden is growing like a little wilderness, faster and more prolifically than the other areas. I am wondering if the exuberant growth has something to do with the long hours of summer daylight coupled with the night light from a very bright, very large, street lamp. I attempted a teeny, tiny trim of the plants this morning and brought some of the trimmings indoors to refresh my vase of kitchen flowers. Once the foliage and flowers were in their new setting, I realised that I now had a miniature version of the garden corner inside the house. And the scaling down of the corner into one compact area gave me a wonderful perspective on the genius of nature’s colour coordination abilities.Cornered

© silkannthreades

15 thoughts on “Outside In

  1. kiwiskan

    These are so beautiful. I have bought flowers inside for Christmas as well, but I am not good at arranging them. I love your flower arrangements. Have a very happy Christmas

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you. Enjoy your Christmas too. I am just trying to decide if I want to trek in to town to the carols. I am having such a nice peaceful time at home that I am not sure I want to bother with a crowd, even a happy, singing one.


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