The extraordinary in the ordinary

Yesterday, we had much-needed rain. The spider web beside the driveway fence caught some of the rain drops. It looked extraordinarily beautiful, especially against the ordinary wooden panels.

The web was gossamer fine.  It sat lightly and delicately in its surroundings. In its angular circularity it echoed the wood knots in the background.  It was perfectly balanced in its setting and a perfect balance of form and function. The lightest of touches

With nature’s intricate shapes still on my mind this morning, I gathered some  lavender, oregano, rosemary and Snowcap parahebe and placed them in a pottery vase from far away Lesotho. I was delighted to see how the flowers naturally imitated the form of the flowers on the vase. Or thus it seemed to me!  I saw a glimpse of the extraordinary in the ordinariness of my workaday kitchen world. A glimpse of the extraorinary

Is this by chance about Christmas? The extraordinary in the ordinary.

4 thoughts on “The extraordinary in the ordinary

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the herbs. We haven’t had many spiderwebs so far this year. I was pleased to see that the one I photographed was still there this morning. Webs look fragile but they are so strong.

  1. melodylowes

    I wonder if spiders are aware of the beauty they can create, or if they simply create?? I love to find the hidden secret beauty in our world – here you have found one little piece of it, too!


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