Saying it with herbs

The garden, at this time of the year, changes so rapidly. It’s almost a case of “Blink and you miss it”, whatever the ‘it’ is for that moment.  Last week I had lots of roses. Today, I am dead-heading  the first blooms of their season.

Out the back door, the mint is flourishing; so much so that it is growing across the door way, which is a happy situation for me as the leaves catch in the door and bring in a lovely minty fragrance to the laundry area.

With a bounty of mint, I decided to use it in my table vases, (in truth, regular drinking glasses). Since I don’t have a Christmas tree this year, I think my herbal arrangements make a good substitute.  They say “Happy Christmas” to me and, I hope, “Happy Christmas” to all of you.

The long view;

3 Minty Treesthe short view;Breadth


From on High In the language of flowers mint represents virtue. The virtue of mint in a vase is that it lasts a long time and, with fresh water, will last the Christmas season.The virtuous mint

12 thoughts on “Saying it with herbs

  1. Mrs. P

    You always have such beautiful floral bouquets! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Good health and prosperity for the future!

  2. Katrina Lester

    Lovely to see visions of summer when it is cold and wet on the other side of the world! Beautiful posies and smells no doubt. Enjoy them and your on-going summer garden. Kx

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you. Returning to our previous comments on mint, I am now wondering about mint tea made with rose water or rose water infused with mint! The combinations are many; not sure about the tastes though.


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