This little light of mine

I woke  this morning to the sad news of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Many of the posts I have read lately have mentioned the importance of light as a beacon of  hope. So, even though it is a bright, sunny, light filled day here, I lit a candle for the families of Newtown. The candle also reminds me, in times of horror, that there is more love in the world than the media would have us believe. In our despair at moments of inhumanity, we forget to acknowledge that love. Candle of HopeIf you would like to join me in lighting a candle, I would be so pleased.

17 thoughts on “This little light of mine

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you. I find it interesting that even though we have so many other sources of light these days, it is the light of the candle that we prefer for worship and celebrations and memorials.

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  2. mmmarzipan

    I am with you! Fitting that we just celebrated Lucia here… the bringing of the message that one little light in the darkness will triumph… the light will always conquer x


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