I have expended a lot of words, in recent days, on my old school and its present environment. Now I am going to concentrate on posting some of the photos I took.

This is the Old Boarding House fully renovated and back on its foundations. I think it is currently used for administrative offices.  It is known as Te Koraha which apparently means ‘The Wilderness”.  It was built as a home for Arthur Edgar Gravenor Rhodes, a New Zealand  Parliamentarian and a Mayor of Christchurch. Construction of the house began in 1886.The Old Boarding HouseHere is the Old Whaling Pot, in a new spot (from my days, that is)The Whaling PotOld pot, new purpose10081These are the new temporary classrooms on the old sports field.Temporary classroomsThis is the present Boarding House or, as I call it, the ‘new’ Boarding HouseThe 'new' Boarding Housewhich has the loveliest courtyard, complete with Teddy Bear topiary teddy bear.

And here are the spaces where buildings have been and more are yet to come.Buildings yet to beLook a little closer and you will see this work of art.Art by Paul DibbleI don’t know anything of its history; when or how it came to be in this area of the school. I don’t know what it is supposed to represent… is magical? a box of tricks? anything is possible if you get the balance right? I do know that its creator, Paul Dibble, also sculpted the the New Zealand War Memorial on Hyde Park Corner.

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