On a Mission

This afternoon we delivered our small Christmas offering to the Christchurch City Mission.  Each year the City Mission offers a sit down Christmas lunch to at least 700 guests. Each day, the Mission provides about 35 food parcels to people in need.  ( The City Mission provides only one of the city’s foodbanks). The Mission’s service to the community began in 1898 and, sad to say, all these years later, their services are in greater demand than ever.

Happily, with such a great demand, the City Mission is now operating from efficient and safe, new premises.The facilities were officially opened last month. The planning and preparation for the new City Mission were well underway before the earthquakes, so, as a result, it is one of the first  buildings to open in the central city, post earthquakes.New MissionSculpture

The last photo is representative of the Christmas food we took to the City Mission. The Christmas Fruit MInce Tarts are made by Ernest Adams, a company that was established  in Christchurch in the 1920s.  Ernest Adams, himself, was, I believe, a generous benefactor to various communities in the city and surrounding areas. In front of the Christmas food, I have placed a wonderful book Everyday Kindness by New Zealand born Stephanie Dowrick.  This is to remind me that kindness and giving are for everday, not just for Christmas. Everyday Giving

4 thoughts on “On a Mission

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    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. I have also decided that if, and it’s a big IF, we have surplus garden produce this year, I will make an effort to take it to the City Mission. So far, most of my garden efforts are fodder for the snails. 😀


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